Wednesday, May 7, 2008

travel writing

so, what have we been doing the past few months? and where are we going? here's another long post - grab the coffee or tea and join us for a bit. first, let me again congratulate the winners of the sustainablebabyish photo contest for May! thank you all for sending them in! our next contest is all about fitteds and closes in two weeks. the winner will receive a free fitted, your choice in size and color, as available. here is the fine print:
please submit your photos in a high quality jpeg format, with "sustainablebabyish FITTED photo contest" in the subject line to: erin AT sloomb DOT com . all submissions need to be in by 5/22 5 pm EST. winners will be chosen by the sloomb team and announced on 5/23 by email. please include your child's name, age and a few lines about where you take your sustainablebabyish & what you love about them. winner will receive a sustainablebabyish fitted! all photos submitted will become the property of sustainablebabyish|sloomb and may be used in print, on our website, or on this blog. all submissions must be made by the original photographer. photographer gives all rights to sustainablebabyish|sloomb to use the photograph in print, on our website, or on this blog. best of luck to everyone - go outside, enjoy & have fun!

two things -- not only does the baby love to dance to Bowie, but we have been living in one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been, aside from Java. here are some pictures of the bodensee. sunday, the alps were not visible, but they are directly across the lake. 5.7 miles-amazing-gorgeous! thought you might like to see this too.

we've been very busy here in konstanz. i am working out production for the summer line, which is why i have decided to come home early. we have a lot of fabric coming in, fabric to dye & launder, ship, and have made into covers, fitteds & flats for your little ones. the new fitted is on it's way - hang in there, it will be well worth the wait! you won't believe how soft the new stretch organic wool for summer is! this is seriously going to be the best cover we've ever had! it will be easy to get your hands on one, too, because we'll have a lot in stock, finally! our hemp fleece fitteds, flats and doublers will be available in 3 new colors for summer - expect those next month.

the new website will be up very soon. Jen has been awesome, working with all of our requests. i'll post here when it's up - we'll still be at & there will be a newsletter to subscribe to for stocking updates and other fun information. with the new restrictions at HC, we had to launch the site. we would never want to list every diaper and cover by auction. diapering should be affordable and easy to purchase. enough time & energy is spent on the computer - you shouldn't have to spend hours trying to get one item or have to spend three times the price because of limited availability. the fabric is on it's way, lab dips are being approved, and production is continuous. we should have sustainablebabyish arriving every week now.

thank you all, again. we have the best customers in the world - we love to hear from you and see your photos! remember that even though sustainablebabyish is growing, you can still email with questions, comments, or ideas. behind the line, is a family of four. we work together. inspire each other. enjoy life now, make responsible choices, and create a sustainable future.

Wishing you all a joyous mother's day! I will not be in to answer email until 5/12, while we are traveling.
xo erin


Yara said...

So happy to see pictures of you guys : )
I told you you guys would (eventually) enjoy it...
just dont love it so much you stay forever... socal misses you (at least I do)

Margaret said...

It's so wonderful to see people traveling with young kids---hey learn so much from experiences like this :)