Saturday, December 29, 2007

congrats to Heather and Spencer ~ the second sustainablebabyish photo contest winners! i will run another photo contest for february & will accept 4 more photos for this contest. please get them in by january 15.

hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season ~ happy new year to you and your families! i made benjamin a pair of karate pants in our new color: graphite.

we also added green tea (second color in the photo). i'll be stocking again next friday, january 4.

xo erin

Friday, December 14, 2007

friday stocking report.

i'm not stocking this week, as i'd like to finish up a few more customs and a tote or two before the new year. ok, so i snuck in a fitted tote ~ shhh.

the winner of the first sustainablebabyish photo contest and the beginning of the second one (we are still recovering from the first one;)

okay, first of all, congratulations to ericka, the mother of the little cutie in photo #3, and winner of the first sustainablebabyish photo contest. next, big ups to everyone who sent me photos of their little ones. finally, thanks to all of you who cast votes--looking at the locations of all of the site's visitors was interesting. i am looking for an application to put a map view up on the blog too because i think it is a powerful reminder of just how large, diverse, and networked the cloth diapering community is. if anyone has a suggestion for that, let me know.
here are the entries--your kiddies--in the second sustainablebabyish photo contest. the poll will open at 5pm, after i have double checked with everyone that they submitted their photos. voting will begin on december 14 and will close on december 27th. please see previous posts for the *fine print*--basically that by sending your photograph, you consent to it being posted on sustainablebabyish. good luck to all of you! xo, erin

photo 1

photo 2

Photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

photo 7

photo 8

photo 9

photo 10

Friday, November 30, 2007

sustainablebabyish photo contest entries.

wow. as i said in my first post, blogging and all it entails is quite new for me. when i created this poll, i only imagined a few cute photos would come and a few people would vote...everything would be small and cozy and fun. i want everyone to have a fair chance at having their little ones pictures up and everyone to get a chance to vote and the winner to receive their prize.
in order to do that, i need to add some late fine print to this little story. i created the poll with five spots and need to stick to that, since i have already opened it for voting. for the next poll, i will accept all of the photos first, then add the poll.
so, all entries after number five will get placed on the second december poll, my emergency poll. voting will not begin for the emergency poll until december 14 and will close on december 27. if you would like to participate, please send in your photos by december 13, 11:59 pm EST. like i said, this is an emergency poll so that everyone gets a chance to participate.
i am really sorry to everyone who feels this didn't work right--i am still learning how this blog world works and will get this part right next time. in the meantime, if you have pictures you want to send in for the emergency poll, please send them in and watch the blog for updates. xo, erin

please use the poll conveniently located to the left.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

sustainablebabyish monthly photo contest.

many of you have posted pictures of your kiddies wearing their new sustainablebabyish to the different groups we all belong to, i thought it might be fun to post them on my blog. but it should be fun for you, too. so, i will put all entries on a poll and everyone can vote for their favorite, and the winner with the most votes will receive a
$25 dollar gift card from sloomb.

obviously, i am not even approaching the level of a good amateur photographer--a snapshotiste, a polaroidiste, at best. no doubt some of you are pros, real annie liebovitzes.

so take your little one downtown, or on the front lawn, for your photo shoot. email the photo(s) with blurbs by, oh, december 6th and the polls will close on december 13th.

send your photo essays to: erin AT sloomb DOT com.

by sending your photos, you consent to them being posted on this blog.

{benjamin is wearing american apparel, a sustainablebabyish fitted & organic wool cover, babylegs, and padoodles.}

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ecover for All.

There are simply not enough great things to say about Ecover, the Belgium based phosphate-free cleaning products company. OK, so first, all of their products, from hand cleaner, to laundry detergent, to
the Delicate Wash detergent I clean all my wool with, are phosphate-free, and have been since 1980. What else? Well, their factory, which is large as far as green soap factories go, is roofed with 10,800 square feet of sedum grass. Ecover's business model is sustainable and complies with the EU ISO 14001 environmental management standards, so you know, when you hear that they are 'sustainable', it means the factory making your product is as green as the product itself.

What else? They send you nice coupons. We have completely switched our house over to their products, well, almost--I wish they would hurry up and make shampoo!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

sustainablebabyish, sustainableblog, blogging.

well, i have decided to spend a few minutes a week "blogging."  i know i am late to the party--that's no surprise--but i think that it would be a good way for me to communicate with other people in the cloth diapering and sustainable parenting communities on the web and in the blogosphere (i didn't want to use that term, really).  
also, i can use this blog to share things that i am still learning about the 'technology' of cloth diapers, design and production, as well as their care.  part of the challenge of cloth diapering, i think, is to make it part of a sustainable lifestyle and culture--turning away from the disposable, ready-made for the landfill aesthetics that dominate the public and private sphere.
above all, i want this blog to be something i can enjoy working on, hoping, of course, that others might enjoy some of it too.  i will share things i like and things and people that inspire or infuriate me, and hopefully, help create with the rest of you, the kind of culture we all want for our kids.