Wednesday, January 14, 2009

what does "sloomb" mean anyway?

first up, big congrats to keli.h - the winner of a bamboo fleece fitted in one of the new colors, when they come out (probably for early summer).

second, wool totes. i know you are all waiting for your wool! it is still in production, but will be here soon. please check back early next week for expected color arrivals. black and brown should arrive late next week, with the other colors arriving the following week. i am doing everything i can to get your totes out to you as quickly as possible. totes for this season are no longer available, but the store will be stocked after the tote orders have been pulled. shorts & front pocket karate pants(TM) will be available in very limited numbers.

now to the question...what does SLOOMB mean? i get asked this over and over and say the same thing every time:

"nothing, really. we were brainstorming one night & came up with the name & loved it."

but maybe this isn't enough. maybe sloomb really does mean something, right? why not.

so, tell us what "sloomb" means to you.

please leave a comment here with your twitter name and the best definition/description of "sloomb" will receive a 20% off coupon for your next order. this poll/contesty thing will close January 16th at 11:59 pm EST.

have fun!

remember, the photo contest closes on the 15th (today)! this time the prize is a pair of karate pants.

also, whatever you see in stock for the hemp fleece is all we will have until summer. hemp fitteds are all on sale (need to make room for the wool that is coming in)- get them while you can! if you're missing a color in the flats, Banana Peels Diapers, our newest retailer, has all of the hemp flat colors in stock now! Heather has a great store & free shipping over $50! many of you are in her area too - sbish daytrip anyone?

we're considering a google group or LJ for store information. apologies if the emails or newsletters have not been reaching you correctly. we're working on it!



Monday, January 5, 2009

so you ♥ your 'magic diapers'

ok, so you love your organic bamboo fleece 'magic diapers', but want some color? here's your chance to help us decide on your favorite color(s) for spring/summer!! please leave a comment with your twitter name & favorite color: squash, teal, sprout, kirsche (fuschia), or another awesome color not mentioned and watch for the winner. the winner will be announced 12/10 via twitter and this blog and will win a free OBF fitted in one of the new colors when they are available.

♥ erin