Wednesday, January 14, 2009

what does "sloomb" mean anyway?

first up, big congrats to keli.h - the winner of a bamboo fleece fitted in one of the new colors, when they come out (probably for early summer).

second, wool totes. i know you are all waiting for your wool! it is still in production, but will be here soon. please check back early next week for expected color arrivals. black and brown should arrive late next week, with the other colors arriving the following week. i am doing everything i can to get your totes out to you as quickly as possible. totes for this season are no longer available, but the store will be stocked after the tote orders have been pulled. shorts & front pocket karate pants(TM) will be available in very limited numbers.

now to the question...what does SLOOMB mean? i get asked this over and over and say the same thing every time:

"nothing, really. we were brainstorming one night & came up with the name & loved it."

but maybe this isn't enough. maybe sloomb really does mean something, right? why not.

so, tell us what "sloomb" means to you.

please leave a comment here with your twitter name and the best definition/description of "sloomb" will receive a 20% off coupon for your next order. this poll/contesty thing will close January 16th at 11:59 pm EST.

have fun!

remember, the photo contest closes on the 15th (today)! this time the prize is a pair of karate pants.

also, whatever you see in stock for the hemp fleece is all we will have until summer. hemp fitteds are all on sale (need to make room for the wool that is coming in)- get them while you can! if you're missing a color in the flats, Banana Peels Diapers, our newest retailer, has all of the hemp flat colors in stock now! Heather has a great store & free shipping over $50! many of you are in her area too - sbish daytrip anyone?

we're considering a google group or LJ for store information. apologies if the emails or newsletters have not been reaching you correctly. we're working on it!




luvlieK - Kelly said...

Twitter name: luvlieK

Sloomb means to us comfort, style, and quality. I don't have to worry when Caedan is wearing sustainablebabyish products.

Geoduck said...

Twitter: Geoduck

Sloomb is Green, Comfy, Kiddie Couture. When Delilah wears her SBish, she is cute and stylish enough for s mama photoshoot and yet, I don't care if she runs around and gets dirty. Because I know SBish wool can take it.

Anonymous said...

SLOOMB: Slumber Laced, Overachieving, Organically Made Bliss :)

Savannah said...

Serenity Lingering Oasis On My Baby-ish.

Teresa said...

Sloomb means just how it sounds to us. * giggle* When I hear sloomb it means soft, gentle, cuddly and warm. I know my Boo feels sloombed when wearing her sustainablebabyish diapers.
Twitter name is hyenamama

ariella said...

Super Luxurious Outrageously Organic Miraculous Bliss

Anonymous said...

Twitter name: multimama

sloomb (n.) 1. the sound a tree makes when it falls in the forest and no human hears it 2. simply natural perfection

kevnjacks said...

Twitter name: mama4jc

I think sloomb means something that describes what kids are like - they love to get comfy; they're fun, active and goofy; and they're so darn cute! :)

Genny said...

Twitter name: skywalkersmom

I came up with two. (Can you tell I was bored this morning??? lol)

Sustainable & squishy
Lovable luxury
Organic &
Maybe magical
Bottom line -- beautiful on baby's booty

sloomb stands for: sustaining little ones organically, magically, & beautifully

Amanda said...

To us Sloomb means: soft lasting originals on my baby

We love Sloomb products and where atleast something of our collection every day. They are very high quality products for an affordable price that are long lasting, always styling, and lovingly made for all babies. :)

Cassie said...

suddenly overly obsessed maybethey'llcomeinthemailtoday babyishdiapers


simply lovely one-of-a-kind organically made baby-products


sometimes life opens our minds better

me-n-my7dwarfds on ds
aka cassie daddino

Dana said...

Oh yes. A LJ would be awesome!!

Jenn said...

To us, Sloomb means the most comfortable squishy soft goodness made to fit my baby like a glove. We adore our wool and Sbish are our absolute favorites to wear. They're perfect for going out, lounging around the house, freezing weather, warmer weather, you name it, sloomb's got it!

Twitter name: mickee311

Anonymous said...

Sloomb means to us, a soft place to land when you've had a rough day. Sloomb's products are reliable, and consistent like any good friend should be. Sloomb is strong and can withstand anything life with a toddler can throw at it. It's simple, it's classic. But best of all, it's green.

twitter name: heroathome

Amber said...

Twitter: buttonsarentoys

Sloomb (v): any active, free motion accompanied by a feeling of natural tranquility. "As she sloombed all through the backyard, giggles burst forth like the bubbles she was chasing."

Anonymous said...

Did you choose the winner yet? I'm dying to know what sloomb means!

sloomb said...

3 winners will be chosen by drawing tomorrow! awesome posts everyone - thanks so much!!
<3 erin

lissa north said...

i didn't know about the contest so my answer is late, but i wanted to tell you what my husband and i seriously thought it meant (because of course we had this conversation). we totally thought the s and b stood for 'sustainable babyish', and that the middle word, loom, was in reference to the cloth making tool. heh heh, funny.

sloomb said...

Sebastian & Benji chose the names this time!
20% off coupon winners:

10% off for everyone else who posted something!
I'll DM you via twitter.
these are all really great - thanks again!!
Oh, and if you're still wondering, sloomb doesn't mean anything :)

sloomb said...

if you didn't receive a tweet from me, please just send me an email to get yr coupon code - thanks again for your posts!

Tara said...

I know the contest is already over but I wanted to comment on what I think Sloomb means....

Simplistic beauty and flawless functionality.

I had this epiphany as I was washing my Sbish wool last night.

It's amazing how much the interlock repels the water as I was trying to soak it... like none other. My soakers dried almost immediately and feel so cuddly soft. I love Sbish!

Savannah said...

I don't think I got a coupon code, maybe it got deleted through spam? Too bad because I just bought two totes this week,oops lol! Love your diapers Erin!

kevnjacks said...

Hi mama - I never got a coupon code though I had commented earlier. My twitter name is mama4jc. Thanks, Erin! :)

Green Mama said...

Twitter: GreenBabiesBlog
sloomb means:
Sustainable, long-lasting, organic, original, mom-made, baby

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