Thursday, January 17, 2008

thursday/friday stocking report

a bit of of our new spring colors, lychee, is available to today at she creates.

we won't be stocking for about a month during relocation. sustainablebabyish is not going away and will be back to the regular stocking schedule by late february. though we don't enjoy being away for what seems like a long time, when we get back, we'll have more items continually in stock and it will be easier for all of you to shop sustainablebabyish.
xo erin

Friday, January 4, 2008

friday stocking report

just a bit of wool and a few other things this week. still working on customs. all of the totes purchased the week of 12/4 will ship out today or tomorrow, unless you have added five fitteds and a pair of karate pants to your tote, in which case, it is shipping next week.

we finally have graphite & green tea available this week, very fun. oh, and in case you were wondering what the lint in my house looks like after a week of washing hemp, check this out.

where does it go? i send it to a very dear friend in SD who makes paper with it. or should be making paper with it.
okay, off to sew. enjoy your week! xo erin