Thursday, July 24, 2008

a note about totes

the totes are running later than we had planned. though they are still well within the 8 week time frame, these should have all shipped 3 weeks ago.

using small contractors in the us has its ups and downs. up #1 they have their own lives (and are paid well, & don't work 24 hrs a day). down #1 (see up #1).
so, they are arriving slowly. all of the totes should be shipping early next week. we have more than enough coming in and will have them available to everyone else as soon as possible. colors are very very limited though, so if you see something that you would like, it may not be in stock again.

sugar, squash, mustard, kirsche and natural covers in stock very soon!

Monday, July 14, 2008

my bonnie

for those of you that don't know - my two chidlers and I are here in PA for the summer. without dad|husband|best friend. it's already been 3 months and, well, it's been difficult. my husband sent me this over the weekend.

just wanted to send a big public thank you, Michael (as much as you're going to cringe when you read this - oh and I love you!).