Sunday, March 30, 2008

sustainablebabyish in action

the new sustainablebabyish front pocket karate pants in action on Mainau. the perfect pants for kids in cloth! these pants will be available through our Philabundance charity auction through spring/summer 2008. beginning in fall 2008, they will become regular items available at sloomb.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

pockets, flats, and the sloomb pipeline.

the new sustainablebabyish front pocket karate pant (in graphite) became available in limited quantity yesterday and will be featured several more times this spring. this new style will be regularly available in Fall 2008. availability will be announced here and here. we will also be restocking flats, so check back in or use the RSS feed in the upper left hand corner to get all these updates and the latest information from sloomb.

sustainablebabyish | sloomb continues to look towards new, sustainable textiles and processes for hip and ethical solutions to diapering and clothing children, leading the growing and diverse market in style and concept innovation.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

a tote update

the customs list to the left is for customs that i still have to fill. totes will have their own updates, since they usually ship the same day. please remember that hemp totes take four weeks to fill & wool totes take six weeks. i will try to ship these out before then, but please note that i need to wait for everything to be ready. general news--the flats are all ready to ship, but i am still waiting on the doublers and totes to arrive. if you added wool to your tote or purchased a wool tote, i am still making those items, since there were over 50 covers|karate shorts|karate pants added. thanks again!
xo erin

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the stocking report

i am really excited to to tell everyone that i will be doing my first large stocking.
this week i will have flats in natural, pink and blue.
fitteds and wool should be here in about two weeks. remember, i am switching over to our new colors after this, so if you would like pink or blue, this might be the last chance to get them for a few seasons. there are a lot of fun things going on: summer colors for both hemp and wool, an exciting new fitted, and extra soft organic/lycra covers. thanks again to everyone who has emailed me over the last month--it's great to be back!
xo erin

Saturday, March 8, 2008

here are the hand-dyed wool colors for spring 2008*:
natural, pink, blue, ether, heliotrope, avocado, green tea,
lychee; the gray collection: grey, graphite, and sugar,
bodensee, and rheine.

*not all styles/sizes are available in every color.

the colors in 97% / 3% lycra

the grey collection

100% certified organic colors

here they are together

cover sizing:
x-small ~ rise: 15.5" waist: 10"-15" leg: 6"-9"
small ~ rise: 17.5" waist: 12"-17" leg: 7"-10"
medium ~ rise: 18.5" waist: 16"-21" leg: 9"-12"
large ~ rise: 20.5" waist: 17"- 22" leg: 10"-13"

pant sizing:
small ~ rise: 17" waist: 12"-17" inseam: 7"
medium ~ rise: 18" waist: 16"-21" inseam: 8 3/4"
medium long ~ rise: 19" waist: 16"-21" inseam: 10"
large ~ rise: 20" waist: 17"-22" inseam: 12"

short sizing:
mall ~ rise: 17" waist: 12"-17" inseam: 3 1/2"
medium ~ rise: 18" waist: 16"-21" inseam: 4 1/2"
medium long ~ rise: 19" waist: 16"-21" inseam: 5 1/2"
large ~ rise: 20" waist: 17"-22" inseam: 6 1/2"

it may take a day for me to respond to your emails until we have
dsl finally installed (state monopolies run at their own pace).
thank you all again for your patience--i appreciate all of your
kind messages!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

hello everyone! it's been a long time since i have been able to post news. i hope you have all had a wonderful month. ours was spent in relocation and all of the fun and unexpected challenges that involves. & so, with the spring, we start anew. this will be a long post, so grab a coffee or tea and sit for a bit.
i had been diligently looking for a very small contractor to help with our hemp production. sewing everything myself was becoming very difficult and though i wanted to keep all of sustainablebabyish made in our home, due to the move, increased orders, and more custom requests, i decided that a small contractor would be the best choice. the hemp products are still made in the US by a husband and wife team. they are great to work with and are excited about making sustainablebabyish.
for spring, we will be offering hemp fitteds, flats and doublers in natural, pink & blue. if you would like to try pink or blue fitteds or flats, now is the time--we'll be switching over to new colors for late spring/early summer.
wool news: our covers are an essential for your little ones this spring & summer. we'll have karate pants throughout the year and will be adding karate shorts. our covers do fit under clothing, and moving into the warm months, are a great pair with leggings for your summer outings. look for our new certified organic wool/lycra covers in june ~ stretchy and extra soft.
we at sloomb are also confirming the announcement about an exclusive relationship with Kelly's Closet. they will be the only other retailer of sustaibnablebabyish for the coming year.
totes are available again, tomorrow 3-7-08, and will be the new way of ordering customs. i no longer hand dye the hemp, so if you are considering a tote, please check each listing for available colors/sizes. i will offer a few totes every month and add-ons are available to make your tote fully customized. wool special orders can be made by purchasing a wool tote, please watch for the wool tote lisitngs for more information. if you are waiting on a custom order, please see the customs list to the left for your order updates. i had no intention of these taking this long, so thank you all for your patience during my relocation.

on the customer service side, i would like to introduce my mom, Vicki. she is helping us out with shipping and returns or exchanges, so you may occasionally receive an email from her. she is really easy to work with and is excited about being part of the team.
the sustainablebabyish photo contest will be going up within two weeks. all of the photos for this month's contest have been filled. if you would like to enter your little one in the contest for april, five spots will be available. please enter your photos by April 3 (subject: sustainablebabyish photo contest / april ). we will choose five for the contest and the winner will receive a $25 gift card to sloomb. this month's theme is: "out of indoors."
lastly, i am making my way through a month of emails as quickly as possible. please feel free to resend your questions if i have not answered them here. remember that i won't be offering pink & blue hemp again for a while, so please order "while supplies last." thank you for all of your kind emails during my move. with that, enjoy! xo erin