Friday, January 4, 2008

friday stocking report

just a bit of wool and a few other things this week. still working on customs. all of the totes purchased the week of 12/4 will ship out today or tomorrow, unless you have added five fitteds and a pair of karate pants to your tote, in which case, it is shipping next week.

we finally have graphite & green tea available this week, very fun. oh, and in case you were wondering what the lint in my house looks like after a week of washing hemp, check this out.

where does it go? i send it to a very dear friend in SD who makes paper with it. or should be making paper with it.
okay, off to sew. enjoy your week! xo erin

1 comment:

Tillie'sMom said...

The graphite is GORGEOUS!!!! Well done, Erin!