Tuesday, November 13, 2007

sustainablebabyish, sustainableblog, blogging.

well, i have decided to spend a few minutes a week "blogging."  i know i am late to the party--that's no surprise--but i think that it would be a good way for me to communicate with other people in the cloth diapering and sustainable parenting communities on the web and in the blogosphere (i didn't want to use that term, really).  
also, i can use this blog to share things that i am still learning about the 'technology' of cloth diapers, design and production, as well as their care.  part of the challenge of cloth diapering, i think, is to make it part of a sustainable lifestyle and culture--turning away from the disposable, ready-made for the landfill aesthetics that dominate the public and private sphere.
above all, i want this blog to be something i can enjoy working on, hoping, of course, that others might enjoy some of it too.  i will share things i like and things and people that inspire or infuriate me, and hopefully, help create with the rest of you, the kind of culture we all want for our kids.  

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