Tuesday, November 27, 2007

sustainablebabyish monthly photo contest.

many of you have posted pictures of your kiddies wearing their new sustainablebabyish to the different groups we all belong to, i thought it might be fun to post them on my blog. but it should be fun for you, too. so, i will put all entries on a poll and everyone can vote for their favorite, and the winner with the most votes will receive a
$25 dollar gift card from sloomb.

obviously, i am not even approaching the level of a good amateur photographer--a snapshotiste, a polaroidiste, at best. no doubt some of you are pros, real annie liebovitzes.

so take your little one downtown, or on the front lawn, for your photo shoot. email the photo(s) with blurbs by, oh, december 6th and the polls will close on december 13th.

send your photo essays to: erin AT sloomb DOT com.

by sending your photos, you consent to them being posted on this blog.

{benjamin is wearing american apparel, a sustainablebabyish fitted & organic wool cover, babylegs, and padoodles.}

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