Monday, May 26, 2008

congrats to Jennifer & Evelyn!

Evelyn, 12 mos, by Jennifer
first up-congratulations to Jennifer & Evelyn! they will be receiving a free sustainablebabyish fitted this week! our next contest is for june - two lucky winners will receive a double layer organic cover in natural-the perfect cover for a summer night! please submit your entries by june 30, 5 pm EST. 2 lucky winners will be notified by email 7/1. this month's theme? staying cool. we love to see your little ones outside - now show us how cool they are - send them in & have fun!

the gritty: please submit your photos in a high quality jpeg format, with "sustainablebabyish photo contest - JUNE" in the subject line to: erinATsloombDOTcom . all submissions need to be in by 6/30 5 pm EST. winners will be chosen by the sloomb team and announced on 7/1 by email. please include your child's name, age and a few lines about how cool your little one is in sustainablebabyish. all photos submitted will become the property of sustainablebabyishsloomb.

as promised, a few photos of Benjamin's awesome birthday gifts - here are the yummy organic velour carrot & eggplant from Wabi-Sabi Wonders. & the little BEN doll from Maureen at scapularisDOLLS. just have to say how much Benji & I love these! in fact, he's sleeping with the carrot right now, but only because the little BEN doll is hiding!

so, we've been having a lot of fun this month at the grandparent's house. Benji's second birthday, playing in mud puddles - another reason you have to have a pair of graphite karate pants!- swimming in fitteds (it's been great stocking every day - the wool is coming soon!), watching the birds make their nests, and of course dyeing the summer wool! i have been working on the wool for the past two weeks straight and the colors are awesome! look for totes this week, probably friday or saturday. trying to move away from the friday only stockings in anticipation of the new store, so look for fitteds throughout the week. here's a photo of Benjamin playing in his front pockets - don't be afraid to have fun outside-use your wool!

oh, one more thing - if you're local, check out Hillside Farms. we spent the day there this saturday & not only do they have the best ice cream -made on site, with milk from cows hanging out across the street, but you can buy organic milk to take home! best part? it's actually less expensive than the organic milk you find in the grocery store - milk that probably has to travel a long way to reach you. Hillside Farms, members of the PASA, is a fun place to take the kids, especially if they love chocolate ice cream.

have a great week!




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oh & make sure to pay a visit to the funky duck hanging out under the tree by the cottage!