Friday, April 11, 2008

get your spring wool!

finally, finally finally! the spring wool is here and available at 4pm EST, save for the one pair of bodensee karate pants that snuck by me. congrats to the one who found them! you'll find a bit of everything today, except for flats. we are out of those for at least three weeks. the organic sherpa prefolds & a few fitteds are up--fitted totes are shipping this weekend. the photo contest is running very late - expect to see it soon! i made a lot of covers in all sizes this time, hoping that there will be enough for everyone. there will be more again within the month, then it's on to SUMMER '08 ~ we have a lot of gorgeous things planned for next season!

the sustainablebabyish FAQ has been updated, so please read it when you have a chance. many questions are answered there. of course, if I missed something, please feel free to email with any questions.
xo erin

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