Friday, April 18, 2008

friday update

we have a few pairs of front pocket karate pants being auctioned off today. graphite will be our charity auction this week for . also, check out the wool tote lottery - if you've missed our stocking times in the past, here's your chance to order a tote! colors are limited, please read the entire listing before entering.
we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who hung in there last Friday for the stocking. the server crashed and orders were lost or oversold. this mainly happened with our best selling grey karate shorts, graphite & organic natural covers. if you were refunded and would still like those items, please send me an email and i'll do my best to fill the requests. this is for refunded orders only & is not an open call for customs. please put your order number in the subject line.
sustainablebabyish|sloomb will be moving off Hyena Cart in about a month. we'll still be there for specialty items and auctions, but due to the crashing issues we had last friday, we felt this was necessary. this is an exciting move, and though we are going to miss weekly stockings with everyone, there will be a new home for all of our products. Jen from jenuine products is working on the website right now. can't say enough about her - she is talented, creative & cool - great to work with on so many levels.
the sherpa prefolds are now out there making a lot of little ones cozy! if you missed one last week, they're up again today, along with a few doublers.
have a great week!
xo erin

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