Friday, October 24, 2008

welcome to the new

hello everyone! i would like to welcome all of you to the new
please stop by and create your account to sign up for our newsletter. i'll still be posting updates at sloomb's twitter, but general store updates will be sent out via newsletter. this will also speed things up during check out - especially on limited items. check out the gallery & listen to Kimya's jingle while browsing. if your little one isn't there, check back again - i'll update it regularly. thanks again for all of your photo submissions! the new photo contest is up now - please send your pictures to photocontestATsloombDOTcom with "sustainablebabyish photo contest NOVEMBER" in the subject line. enter to win a free hemp fitted or pair of flats in our new fall colors! as always, the fine print:
all submissions need to be in by 11/8 11:59 pm EST. the winner will be chosen by the sloomb team and announced on 11/10 by email. please include your child's name, age and a few lines about how awesome your little one is in sustainablebabyish. all photos submitted will become the property of sustainablebabyish|sloomb inc. & may be used on our website, on our blog, or in print.

we have lots of stock scheduled to arrive this month! our new bamboo |organic cotton fleece fitteds will be in stock next week - all sizes! fitted totestm are available now & will ship with the week - no long wait! if you're wondering if these will work for nights, here's a letter from Kim.

A public letter to Erin:

My husband and I would like to thank you profusely for these beautiful, soft, amazing SBish OBF fitteds which my son seems to love so much. Since his arrival, my son has slept through the night two or three times .... maybe. We tried prefolds, sposies, fleece lined fitteds, cotton fleece, hemp fleece, pockets... nothing made any difference. So that means for 15 months my husband and I have dragged ourselves out of bed to soothe, find the binky, etc... once, twice or maybe three times a night.

Then the mail carrier brought me a package of new night time diapers. They seemed beautiful enough, soft enough... I was excited to try a new type, my husband rolled his eyes asking why we needed even more diapers (to which I responded that these were Erin's new OBF fitteds, of course we had to try them!).... so try them we did.

We have been using these new fitteds for seven nights now. For seven beautiful nights, Jackson has slept soundly the entire night. It is unbelievable. I can not see how this turn of events is a coincidence. Now my husband calls them the 'magic diapers' and asks me why we didn't have them before.

Finally we are starting to feel somewhat rested again. We no longer fight with each other about whose turn it is to go find the binky or walk him around.

For whatever magic Black Forrest gnome dust you have sewn into these diapers... thank you a million times. For our sanity ... thank you a million times

Much love,

so if you need a few 'magic diapers', they'll be available this week! we ♥ ours!

our new fall hemp fleece fitteds & flats are being made right now. the colors are gorgeous!! a few totes may be available, but are for the most part sold out. single diapers will be available in November. all sizes/colors are limited.

but where is the wool? it's getting cold & your little ones need wool - now! wool totes will be up soon. though there is a wait, purchasing a tote pre-order locks your order in for your favorite colors/sizes! & what awesome new colors we have coming!! we were the first to bring you squash last season - it's available again along with the incredibly popular mustard. we've added a dark teal and a few more jewel tones - all perfect going into spring (especially for little ones who need a darker pant to play in). we also finally have a deep neutral brown & a true black. you can order one pair of front pocket karate pantstm and have the option to add on 4 pieces to your tote. if you like a color and want to be sure to get it, a tote pre-order is the best route , based on what happened last season. we've stepped up production, but colors are still fairly limited, especially in the front pocket karate pantstm . the new wool color swatches will be available soon for ordering reference. shorts are not available for the winter totes, but they will be back for spring.
double layer wool covers with stretch waistbands & cuffs are also due to arrive this month. if you are waiting for a replacement, they'll be shipping out soon. these will be great for nights and have recovery & stretch where your little ones need it most!

are you interested in wholesale? we are in the process of accepting wholesale accounts for 2009. if you are interested in carrying sustainablebabyishtm in your brick and mortar store, please send inquiries to: wholesaleATsloombDOTcom. we really want to offer a local cloth diapering option through our retailers, so online stores with a B&M will have preference. all inquiries will be considered. please allow a few days for us to respond to wholesale requests.

thanks for visiting our new site! & thanks again to Jen!


christine said...

Congratulations on your beautiful new site. It looks fantastic!

sloomb said...

thanks Christine!